SkinIO in the Press

Designing Applications for Health Care with Kyoko Crawford and Mark Yoon

Where we think this technology can play a role is to take the onus out of deciding what to target as a consumer patient.

SkinIO’s technology makes skin cancer screening more accessible to patients

The Chicago-based startup’s goal is to enable patients to monitor their skin over time, thereby improving the chances of detecting skin cancer early.

Detecting Skin Cancer in the "Dermatology Desert"

This ever-increasing supply-demand mismatch is exacerbating what we're already experiencing—patients' lack of access to appropriate dermatologic care and time inefficiencies within our own practices...

App scans photos for signs of skin cancer, flags them for doctors

...The app is the brainchild of Dr. J.C. Lapiere, who has devoted his life to treating skin cancers. Since the worst spots often show up in places patients can't see, he found a way to shine a light on dark spots.

This Startup Wants to Help Fight Skin Cancer

SkinIO, a new Chicago-based startup, is helping people prevent skin cancer by providing a service that allows them to regularly monitor their skin with the help of artificial intelligence and licensed dermatologists.

SkinIO's plan to combat skin cancer? A mobile app

Designed to be as easy to use as possible, SkinIO lets a patient capture a full-body photography in less than five minutes. The patient’s images are then run through a computer vision-powered mapping system that automatically flags moles and other skin aberrations.