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Empower your employees to screen for the most common type of cancer.

Anywhere, any time.

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Your partner in employee engagement

We know that getting employees engaged and keeping them engaged is the most important part of any wellness benefit. That’s why we’ve developed a full suite of customizable marketing materials purpose-built to compel your employees to download and screen with SkinIO. We begin each of our partnerships with an engagement planning session, where we work with you to learn more about what motivates your employees. Then we build a content system and deployment plan that makes employee engagement turnkey for your organization.
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A solution with health equity at its core

SkinIO was born from the belief that everyone, not just the fortunate few, should have access to lifesaving dermatology. Our technology and its benefits are equally accessible to all employees with a smartphone. Each employee’s photos will be reviewed by an expert dermatologist, and we provide connection to continuing care to any employee who needs it. And unlike the majority of health and wellness programs – particularly those related to cancer – there is no lifestyle change required to reap the benefits of SkinIO.

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